Netflix‘s top 10 always has some random and surprising titles on it, and this week, a Halle Berry thriller from 2013 is the latest fascination among the streamer’s subscribers.

There’s a trend of movies that didn’t get their proper due in the theater having a renaissance on Netflix, and Berry’s The Call certainly fits the bill.


2. 'The Call' reaches No. 1 on Netflix

In The Call, Berry plays an LAPD 9-1-1 operator who takes a call from a teenager (Abigail Breslin) who’s been kidnapped. After taking a backseat from taking calls to training other operators after a tragic incident, she is thrust into action to find the girl who has been taken.

The movie had a decent box office when it was released in theaters, making just under $70 million worldwide on a $13 million budget, but it’s hardly been a cultural touchstone. Now it’s been getting major love from Netflix viewers, reaching the top spot on the streamers rankings.

3. Halle Berry reacts to the resurgence

The number one ranking left Berry perplexed. The Oscar winner took to Twitter to comment:

4. It's definitely random that 'The Call' is suddenly the number one movie on Netflix, and Berry really can't believe it.

Her 2021 directorial debut, Bruised, reached the top spot on Netflix in late 2021 so it’s not strange to see Berry occupying the Top 10 list.

There’s no telling what the next movie will be that will make a surprise vault to the top of the Netflix charts.