Halle Berry surprised her 40-year mentor with the biggest gift of all — a home remodel — in this tearjerking episode.

The actress recently appeared on the season finale of The Property Brothers’ HGTV show Celebrity IOU. During the episode, Berry put her demolition skills to the test as she assisted in the remodeling of her fifth-grade teacher Yvonne’s 1920s house.

1. Berry wanted to thank her former teacher for the influence she's had on her life over the years.

During the episode, Berry revealed how much of an impact Yvonne has had on her life since she was a child.

“If she hadn’t come into my life, my life would have been completely different. She was really like a second mother in many ways,” the actress said of her lifelong mentor. “My mom was a single mom, so she worked a lot. My sister and I were very much latchkey kids. [Yvonne] sort of took me in under her wing. I had a white mother and she, being a Black woman, taught me about my culture. We had this thing called cookie talks. I would go to her house, and we would sit at the kitchen table and have really deep conversations.”


3. The episode left many fans in tears

Halle Berry’s kindness and appreciation toward her former teacher struck a chord with fans watching the episode. So much so that many took to Twitter to point out just how important teachers are.

4. "Watching #celebrityiou made me think of Mr Goldstein my fourth grade teacher who read to us after lunch and introduced me to the world of Narnia. Teachers are pure gold," one person tweeted.

5. #CelebrityIOU was SO GOOD tonight. Teachers are everything. I would so do the same for so many of my teachers if I was able to!" someone else wrote.

6. "Just watched #CelebrityIOU & this one was a tearjerker! @halleberry @PropertyBrother @JonathanScott @MrDrewScott @hgtv" another person shared.