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Feb 11th, 2013

[Moving Ahead]

[Essentially, after a certain point, I psyched myself up to move ahead with Hard Times.  The script was still being revised, and I didn’t have very much money, but I started thinking about where I wanted to be the following year, and just figured, “well, why the fuck not?”  Daniel P eventually came on board and we would eventually cast, but I had other pressing thoughts, at the time.  I also enlisted some friends to come on to Produce the project—I’m not sure they knew then what they were in for, at the time, but they were down for the cause, nonetheless.]


Can we guarantee this budget?

At what point in the production process do we open ourselves to getting money from funders?

What is the release/roll-out plan?

Is there any way we can obligate personnel to keep working on our show with/without a contract?

What’s this shit look like?
How many names can we put together for crew?

How often should we get together and write?

What do we do if someone on the squad (talent) dips off?

Selling off rights. (Why we shouldn’t do it)

Agreements between writers.  Who directs.  How does the partnership work?  Does everyone have to write?  Does everyone have to put in money, what?

How often do we release?

How do we reach out to our core audience?  And make them see our shit?

Who are the influencers we want to see our shit?  How do we reach out to them?


Derek gets more money, grows more confident + arrogant

Nia’s husband “works a lot.”

Nia needs a bigger story arc

Lark initially doesn’t take the stripping seriously, at all

Lark doesn’t realize that Derek is taking it seriously…she inadvertently emasculates him often and he is insecure, something that paves the way for the growing rift in their relationship.

March 3, 2013


Seed Money [Needed]
Start LLC –
Writers’ Collab Agreement (A_____)
What forms do we need?
Audition Actors –
Liability Insurance Shit –

SAG New Media Shit – what’s all the shit that we need to do?
            – records
            – payment?
            – payment contracts?
            – New Hard Drives
            – Cards – what kind?
            – Grab Up Interns

Forms –
            Location Releases
            Talent Releases
            Talent Contracts
            Independent Contractor/Work-for-Hire situation for someone who’s unpaid

            and not an intern, etc?
            Worker’s Comp, Necessary?

Office Duties – accounting, payroll shit, start account, EIN
Breakdown the Script – props, locations, locations we’ll come back to
Set the Dates
Hire/Court Crew
Scout/Liaison/Lock Locations
Do Production Budget
Secure Money in Account
Solidify and Secure Rentals
Put in for Equipment Checkouts

Duplicate Drives, 1 for Editing, 1 for Data SStorage
Log Capture Edit
Lock Picture
Lock Sound Post

Color, Etc.

March 3, 2013


Why can you start an LLC in Jersey or Nevada, if all of your productions are not there and if you don’t maintain a residence, there?

Do we need a license to do business, elsewhere?

Are we even “doing business?”

March 6, 2013

[Posted this Casting Notice on Facebook, as well as some other places]

Casting for an upcoming project.  Hit me up, if interested.

All actors are African-American except for Young Man #2.

Young Man – Early 20’s, Athletic, Student

Young Woman – Early-Mid 20’s, NY-based, Student 

Young Man #2 – Early 20’s, Latino, NY-based, Student

Woman – Mid-late 30’s, professional, Brooklyn/Long Island/Queens type – Nudity involved.

Man – Mid-late 30’s, professional

*certain roles will require nudity

Mandy – posted

Breakdown/Actors’ Access – posted

NYCastings – posted

Story is a webseries about a young man trying to make his way through life in present-day New York City.

Creators are award-winning writer/directors with short films that have screened at Sundance, American Black Film Festival, HBO, among others. 

Project is based in New York and will run from May 2013 to mid-2014.


Derek Waters

Tristan Wilds (ha!)

Michael B Jordan (ha!)

Abraham Ampka

Dante Clark

Ronald Peet

Chinaza Uche

Nia Collingsworth

Wilzette Borno

Cassie Freeman

Bianca Laverne Jones


Juan Rivera


Crystal Boyd

Briana James

Charnele Marie

Dominique Toney

Geri Nikole-Love

Ashley Denise Robinson

Nia’s Husband, Craig

Benton Greene

Stephen Tyrone Williams


Rob Morgan – Nia’s Husband

Pernell Walker –

Jeremie Harris – Derek

Ellie Foumbi – Lark

Jerome Preston Bates – Nia’s Husband

Yolonda Ross

Natalie Paul

Syhaya Smith

Renee Wilson

Chivonne Floyd

Tami Jordan?

Chanel Caroll

Hisham Tawfiq

March 22, 2013



Pick-ups – Daytime

FRIDAY NIGHT – DAY 1 – Art and Shoot a Bit, simultaneously.   – 2 and 4/8s pages

Scene 5 – BEDROOM – 2 + 4/8s pgs – Derek comes inside, watches strip videos, is interrupted by his roommate, Felix, then sees what he, himself looks like, stripping.

SATURDAY – DAY 2 – 4 and 3/8s pgs

Scene 9 – Derek’s Bedroom – 7/8s pages – Derek is back home, fucking Lark, imbued with inspiration after seeing the stripper dude

Scene 10 – Derek’s Kitchen – 3 + 1/8s pages – Derek and Lark have a conversation about the stripping gig.  She’s less than thrilled.

Scene 11 – Derek’s Bedroom – 3/8s pages – Derek texts Nia and lets her know that he’s game. 



Scene 6 – BROOKLYN ST – 4/8s pgs – Derek gets ready for a jog, which is juxtaposed with his conversation with his final conversation with Nia. 

Scene 1 – AT THE PARK – 3 + 7/8s pgs – EVENING

As they train, a pissed off Nia mentions that she’s got to go find a replacement stripper.


Scene 9 – Derek’s Bedroom – 7/8s pages – Derek enters his vestibule and checks his mail. 

Scene 2 – EXT DEAN ST. , VARIOUS – 4/8s pgs –

Scene 3 – VESTIBULE – 1/8pg – Derek enters his vestibule and checks his mail. 

Scene 4 – THE APARTMENT – KITCHEN – 6/8pgs – Derek comes home, checks the mail and sees that his roommate isn’t home.  He makes a shitty sandwich and heads for his room.

Mar 27, 2013


He’s forgotten to call Lark!  He texts her back and he’s like, yeah, everything’s cool.

Lark (via text): Are you just getting home? I was hitting you up, all day.’

Derek (via text): Sorry–I left something at the crib, had to go back and… 

She calls him.

Lark – Hey.

Derek-  Hey.

Lark – So how was it?

Derek – It was cool.

Lark – Yeah.  Are you really just getting home?  I thought you said it was only supposed to be from 10-10:30.

Derek – Yeah, well, I–I left something at the party, I had to run back and go get it.

Lark: -Like what, your costume?

Derek – Yeah, actually, I left it at the place.  Took forever for me to get back.

Lark – Ok.  Well uh–I guess I’m glad to hear you’re safe.

Derek – Yeah, thanks.  How was your night?

Lark – It was good.  Just stayed in, I was overlooking these (quiz questions).

Derek – Sounds like fun.

Lark – Yeah. So, you aren’t still thinking of doing this, are you, like making this a thing?

Derek – Uh…