In a video for the L'Oréal Paris "Lessons of Worth" campaign, H.E.R. offers an inspiring speech on the importance of women's empowerment.

On Friday, L'Oréal Paris posted a video of the singer on its Instagram, encouraging fans to follow their intuition.

"There are some lessons we learn over time. Like how whatever ideas or opinions the world tries to suffocate you with, the most important thing is to listen to your heart and follow your path, even when it feels impossible," the caption reads. "Here, our incredible new spokesperson @hermusicofficial invites us all to use "I'm worth it" as a mantra to stay strong, stay focused, and keep going."

In the minute-long mantra, H.E.R., 24, reassures the listener to believe in the voice in their heart, and every day is a new opportunity to be unapologetically them.

"I'm worth it. Do you hear it? Don't listen to the voices in your head when your heart is speaking. I'm worth it. Don't buy the dreams of perfection they try to sell you. Remember, you are the truth. Say, 'I'm worth it. I am the ultimate leader of my story.' Your intuition is stronger than the opinions the world crowds around you with. You define your success. I'm worth it," H.E.R. said. "Your value isn't determined by the depth of your pocket, but the beauty of your spirit, and the freedom in your smile."

"You define happiness. You are the epitome of deserving. I'm worth it," she continued. "Because everyone gets vulnerable sometimes. But you wouldn't know strength if you didn't know weakness. Your past is not telling of your future. Let it push you onward. You've made it this far just living your truth. Own it. I'm worth it. In the mornings when the sun comes up, because every day is an opportunity, to be unapologetically you. Even when they don't see it. Even when it feels impossible. It doesn't matter if they listen, because you hear it. I'm worth it."