A Twitter user has served up a buffet we didn't know we needed: a visual feast of Rihanna as Indian food and snacks. Basmati bad gyal? We're here for it. Check out the images of RiRi as literal meals below. 

Chicken Tandoori

This red, chargrilled look with the burnt edges is just the saucy, tenderized dish we're looking for. Rihanna giving the "look back at it" eye adds even more spice to the dish.  

Kaju Katli

A dessert fudge made of cashews, Kaju katli is a dish usually served during festivals like Diwali, according to recipe blog Cook With Manali. The silver leaf is edible and adds a magical pop to the dish. Unsurprisingly, Rihanna looks mouth-watering when paired with the celebratory sweet. 

Masala Chai

Is there a difference between Rihanna in an all-brown look and this cup of spiced tea?


Ice Gola

Ice gola is essentially a North Indian snow cone, according to Times Food. The "Love on the Brain" songstress was photographed in the streets looking like this fruity, summertime treat. 

Strawberry Barfi

A dense, milk-based sweet, strawberry barfi looks as sweet as pie. And that's exactly how Ri looked in her pink and cream summer look. 

Chicken Biryani

A mixed rice dish filled with spices and sometimes egg, its picture contrasted with an elegant Ri wearing a pilot's helmet oddly works. 

Rooh Afza

Rose Kulfi

A creamy, Indian desert, this rose variation makes the Fenty mogul look pretty in pink when compared side by side.

Kala Jamun

Brown and melanated with a little razzle-dazzle in the form of a sparkly halter top.

Vada Pav

Vada pav is a popular street food, according to Hebbar's Kitchen. Rihanna's silk slip, covered up by a beautiful cream fur coat, bears a striking resemblance to the tasty street sandwich. 

This isn't the first time Twitter had fun with celebrity fashion. At the start of quarantine, someone paired various Beyoncé fits with their disinfectant doppelgangers, as Blavity previously reported