Tuesday night, Franchesca Ramsey took to snapchat to share her story of calling out white feminists while she was at a screening at Sundance. Ramsey explains that she asked how a show is praised for its “progressive” feminism, but doesn’t include women of color and fetishizes black men. But, her question was met with defensiveness and white-splaining. Her frustration is felt as she notes that whether she is “respectable” or not, she receives the same gas-lighting responses. To make matters worse, the woman claimed to care about searching for intersectional voices, missing the point of what that even means, but neglects that she was talking to one!

Franchesca goes on to state at the end what people of color know to be true.

“You can throw a stone in any direction and see a talented person of color out here. Like, come on. You’re gonna look me in my face and tell me that “you can’t find any intersectional feminists anywhere”?

Photo: tumblr
Photo: tumblr

Amen Franchesca, Amen.