Multi-talented entertainer Usher is arguably the undisputed king of R&B. With hits spanning across nearly three decades, the "U Don't Have To Call" vocalist has paved the way for others after him to also succeed in a similar capacity. With no signs of slowing down, one could say Usher has been in a league of his own since his his self-titled debut album Usher in 1994. 

In the last decade or so, the Atlanta-raised star has stepped away from the limelight at times, choosing to raise his children in favor of touring. Usher has two children with ex-wife Tameka Foster, whom he was married to between 2007 and 2009. He recently welcomed a third, his first daughter, Sovereign, in September. 

All three of this descendants are unique in their own way. Read on to find out a little bit more about Cinco, Naviyd and baby Sovereign. 

1. Usher "Cinco" Raymond V was born in 2007

His first child with Foster, Usher "Cinco" Raymond V was born on November 26, 2007. In 2015, the "My Way" singer opened up about Cinco's type 1 diabetes diagnosis, pushing for a cure.

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I can remember when I turned 11 (forever ago) it was the beginning of me understanding that I had began to grow up and that I needed to care about somethin’…. Bad breath, hygiene, the use of deodorant, a career, other people, how I treated them, and what mattered…at least to me. I began to understand that if I were to be great at anything I’d have to start somewhere, with somethin. The way I carried myself would speak to who I was and what my life would look like. Sure…you got your plate full with things that really matter, like Pokémon cards, V bucks, GameStop cards, Fortnite, Tom Clancy and homework. “Priorities” Know this Son…I love the U you are. I wish you passion for what you love and hopes that you have compassion for others. Thank you for picking me as your dad and coming to me when you did. Thank you to your mother for delivering you and the hospital and hands that handled you….You gotta believe in U more than anybody. If you don’t believe, NO ONE WILL. #HappyBirthday #URV

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"A child that every day has to prick himself and has to be cautious of what he eats and also to carry this disorder around; that really is the type of bravery that we all aspire to have," Usher explained, via ABC. "I want to be supportive not only as someone who’s vying for a cure, but also as a father who has a child who’s experienced a lot of highs and lows," he continued.

2. Naviyd Ely Raymond was born a year later

On December 10, 2008, Usher and Foster welcomed a second son, Naviyd Ely Raymond. Nearly six years ago, Usher jokingly revealed that Naviyd doesn't believe he's a great singer, despite his famous pops having hundreds of awards to his name.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY Naviyd!!! @fortnav ✉️????????????????“Good News” One thing everybody looks for, everybody can appreciate, and everybody needs from time to time. You are that for me , and then some. Naviyd….that is why I wanted you to have that name….and spelled that way, because it would be your own. Ya’ll know how black folk be getting creative as hell wit the spellin of our kids names. You are uniquely your own….there is no other like you. God sent you through me (you know where you came from)????????????. Naviyd “The Good News” you came at a very unexpected time in my life and I’m happy you did. Its Persian. I can get biblical and all “The good news” (or “gospel” = “good spiel”) is a literal translation of the Greek word euangelion. The news of salvation, or liberation from darkness or brokenness. You humbled me… Happy Birthday to my Lil Man…I know you hear that all the time, but you really are a Little MAN….and though age 10 may only entitled you to labels like young man and big boy, you ain’t far from a young adult….you remind me so much of myself, within that phase of my life. Where I wanted everybody to be happy….with themselves and with me. Well I have “The Good News” for you Mr. Naviyd Ely Raymond this birthday celebration. You cain’t make everybody happy, but what you can do is be happy yourself. No matter what it may look like….you can always make it better with your intentions. I love you so much and want so much for you to be happy 100% , as you are? Just keep on living!!! You have been through so much for someone your age and you have so much to see and learn. I’m so proud of you. You are my oldest youngest child. They say it’s not right to have a favorite child and I don’t….but you are singlehandedly my favorite 10 year old. You worry so much about what others think, to the point were you actually have more grey hair than me.???? Take care of yourself and try and stay positive. Gotta make sure your mask is on before you can help others. Love you Son #NaNaTurns10 #NaviydRaymond #Level10 @fortnav

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"He doesn't care about what I do as much. … He's like, 'I'm the star. Who are you? You sing?" Usher said in 2014.

"He told me the other day, he says, 'You're not a great singer,'" the Dallas-born crooner said, to which he replied: "What? I'm a great singer!"

3. Usher's first daughter, also his first child with girlfriend Jenn Goicoechea, arrived in September

After more than a decade, Usher became a father once again, welcoming a daughter with girlfriend Jenn Goicoechea. Per an Instagram post dated September 30, the couple named her Sovereign Bo. People confirmed she was born in Los Angeles on September 24.

According to Pop Sugar, middle name Bo is of Slavic origin and means "to live."

"I've had a few [ideas]," the father of three said to James Corden ahead of her arrival. "Just been trying to get down to maybe a middle name. My second son has a middle name; Usher does not have a middle name. … I've been motivated by where we are in life. Something maybe relevant to this time?"

Usher also recently announced a Las Vegas residency slated to open in July 2021 at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace. If Naviyd had it his way, then his father would be long retired by now. But for those yearning to hear "U Got It Bad" live once again, fans of the legend will be treated to an incredible new show featuring the best of the 42-year-old's work.