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Many people fear change. They cling to things that no longer serve them while telling themselves that what they have is “better than nothing.” This type of fear-based thinking can often leave them invested in a hopeless career, relationship, partnership — or government. As we prepare for the November 2020 elections, the battle cry of many Americans seems to be "anything is better than this."

It's not human to lack empathy and cling to power, while refusing to acknowledge the basic human rights of the citizens you serve in the midst of a national emergency. We’ve had enough, and our votes in November must reflect this. However, a new face in the Oval Office is not enough to address poverty, growing wealth inequality and police violence. These persistent social, political and economic issues are a weapon, pointed directly towards you. They fueled the popularity of President Donald Trump. Removing him from office and replacing him does little to address these matters if we do not step up our collective efforts as engaged citizens.