Republicans and Democrats spent the weekend sparring over the U.S. Postal Service crisis.

The disagreements come as President Donald Trump said he'd essentially hold the Postal Service in financial limbo as he continuously espouses the unfounded claim that mail-in voting will increase voter fraudulence.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called Congress back to Washington D.C. nearly a month early on Sunday in order to pass a bill that would stop the White House from making further changes to the Postal Service before the election, according to The Washington Post.

Pelosi is also planning an August 24 House Oversight Committee hearing that may include Robert Duncan, the Postal Service board of governors chairman, and Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, who is at the center of complaints that the Postal Service is being intentionally damaged from the inside, The Post reported.

National outrage over the destruction of the Postal Service reached a tipping point last week as millions faced disruptions to mail service and now have to comb through arcane state procedures to prepare for voting by mail. 

According to HuffPost, estimates show that about 80 million people will likely vote by mail in November, and The New York Times reported more than 75% of voters in the country will be able to vote through the mail in November.

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