The internet is once again getting a kick out of Marshawn Lynch as one of his hilarious clips from years ago recirculates on social media. Lynch, who has always shown off his authentic personality, pulled off some wild pranks and stunts when he starred in the 2017 reality show No Script With Marshawn Lynch.

One of the segments on the show, which is once again going viral on social media, shows Lynch hiding in the back of a sandwich shop and sending some hilarious lines to the producers as they greet customers and pretend to be employees.

Lynch was apparently hyped from the very beginning when he saw one customer who he described as “Thor.”

“We gotta get him,” the former NFL star said when he looked through the hidden camera and saw the man walking up to the register.

“Is your name Thor, bruh?” Lynch said, relaying the message through the earphones of producer George, who was greeting the customer.

George, however, didn’t receive the message clearly at first.

“Is your name Dorothy?” he asked the customer.

Lynch, trying to control his laughter in the back, sent the message again.

“The superhero Thor,” he said.

“Are you Thor?” George repeated. “You look like Thor.”