Hah! This just might be absolutely hilarious… intentionally… even though it's a Michael Bay project 🙂

Recall that Anthony Mackie was said to be "in talks" to join the cast of Michael Bay's "low-budget" dark comedy set in the world of bodybuilding titled Pain And Gain.

Well, apparently he's in the film based on these images.

The film also stars Dwayne Johnson and Mark Wahlberg as its 2 leads.

The synopsis for the project, which is based on a Miami New Times article from 1999, reads as follows:

… will follow a pair of Florida bodybuilders who get caught up in an extortion ring and a kidnapping scheme that goes terribly wrong.

The script was penned by the pair who wrote the Captain America screenplay, and is being compared in tone to the Coen brothers' Fargo.

Big comparison there.

Mackie plays a character named Adrian Doorbal, described as "a big-hearted bodybuilder who works out with Wahlberg's character, Daniel Lugo. Doorbal has little to show for his hard work, leading him to get involved with Lugo's scheme."

You can read the Miami New Times article the film is based on HERE.

Obviously, the story takes place in the 80s, given their outfits – specifically, the late 80s through the early 90s.

Production on the $25 million project (yes, that's "low-budget" for Michael Bay) is clearly underway, and I expect we'll see this later this year, or early next.

Curious about this one… Images above and below.