Aside from acting, Hill Harper is now expanding into directing, and his first result is his short The Truth, which will premiere at the Chicago International Film Festival on Oct 10, 14 and 15 as part of its City and State shorts program.

Starring Diandra Lyle, Terisa Griffin, Dwight Eubanks, Jensen Atwood, Mel Jackson, Eric Lane and Rockmond Dunbar (who has been the cause of some heated discussion here on S & A lately), the film deals with a regular guy, who “suspecting that his wife has been unfaithful and demanding to know the truth, receives news that devastates their marriage and forever changes their lives, while imparting an important life lesson”.

Hmmmm I wonder what that devastating news could be???

The film was written by Randy Crumpton and Craig J. Harris, and produced by Crumpton, Kenny Johnson Sharon King and James Ramos.

To take a look at the trailer, go HERE