Lil Nas X surprised audiences when he used the final day of Pride month to announce that he's gay. Tweeting at fans to listen closely to the lyrics of his single "C7osure" on Sunday, the Billboard-topping artist then followed up with another tweet saying, "Deadass thought I made it obvious," he said in reference to his sexuality.

Since news broke, a whirlwind of support has been directed toward the rising star, with fellow hip-hop artists sending encouraging messages in Lil Nas X's direction.

Speaking with TMZ on Monday, producer Irv Gotti stated that hip-hop doesn't care if one of their own is gay as the community is far more accepting than it was a couple of decades ago.

"Yeah, we don't care whatever he is," the Murder, Inc. CEO said to the entertainment site. "If he's gay, it's all good…if it was like, 20, 30 years ago, it would be a shocker, but in 2019, who cares? It's all good."

The cameraman attempts to prod and continue the conversation but Irv just cuts him off and repeats "Who cares? It's all good. Just be whoever you are and we'll accept you for who you are."

Up-and-coming rapper JackBoy also had positive sentiments for Lil Nas X, telling fans, "do not not listen to him now."

"He's still cool. Now I respect him more for coming out. Now y'all keep on listening to him," the "Grimace" musician said

R&B artist and Grown-ish star Trevor Jackson praised Lil Nas X on BET's daily talk show Black Coffee on Monday, telling host Marc Lamont Hill that "you've got to live free, man,"

He continued: "I'm glad. It's almost like you're in bondage when you're not living as your true self. I support that."

Atlanta-born rap artist Zé Taylor's reaction could best be summed up with a GIF, which he posted on Twitter with the caption vowing to protect the 20-year-old "at all costs."