In 2018, This City Will Host An Official Museum Dedicated to Hip-Hop

Hip-Hop is finally getting its own museum.

Photo credit:Photo: Newsweek

| June 12 2017,

1:44 pm

If Jazz is known as America’s original art form, hip-hop would definitely be second.

The movement that began in the Bronx over breakbeats has gone from Regan era public enemy number one to a global phenomenon that’s the driving force of pop culture everywhere. While the art form is still pretty young, its impact is almost unmeasurable. 

And after just 40 years, hip-hop is set to get its own museum in 2018. 

The Hip-Hop Hall of Fame (the non-profit that brings us those segments during the BET awards) has won a bid to acquire a Harlem building to begin work on the ambitious project. 

The twenty-story museum is set to be open in phases with the lower level gift shop, cafe, sports bar, and educational space to be completed first. The HHHOF believes that the project will infuse 350 million dollars a year into the city and “hundreds of permanent and part-time jobs” to the greater Harlem community. Naturally, if we’re talking Harlem, the museum will be on the historic 125th street calling cultural staples like the Apollo Theater their neighbor. 

We can’t wait to give this museum our money and bask in hip hop greatness. 

No word on how Bronx residents feel about the Harlem location but we're sure they're still celebrating the unveiling of 'Hip Hop Blvd' that took place early last week.