Are you decorating your dorm room, apartment or home? Maybe looking to add some flare to your boring room? Support black art while you’re at it. We’ve curated a list of really dope black artists that can help you upgrade your home, from your living room to your closet.


With a newly launched line of horoscope-themed designs, PardonMyFro unapologetically celebrates the black woman — kinks and all. The artist, Dana, offers a wide range of home decor from throw pillows to tapestries and shower curtains. For those not in the market for home furnishings, prints, stationery and phone cases can be purchased as well. Shop PardonMyFro’s products here.



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Although she’s most well-known for her renditions of popular black television shows (i.e. A Different World), Kashmir Thompson offers a wide range of art that appeals to black audiences at her shop Kashmirviii. Her fun and unique designs can be purchased as prints, throw pillows, clutches, skirts and more. Shop Kashmirviii’s products here.


As a lifestyle brand that seeks to represent the essence of Africa, Llulo is a truly unique shop. Its staple item is the Motherland Pillow; a throw pillow shaped like the continent of Africa that comes in various patterns and fabrics. Llulo also sell tapestries, circle pillows and clothing. Shop Llulo’s products here.



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Recently launched AgonCanvas features prints and throw pillows with artistic renditions of prominent and well-known black figures such as Michelle Obama, Malcolm X and Janelle Monae. Shop Agoncanvas’ products here.



If you’re looking for something a little edgy or even lusty, Carnivour Creates is the place to go. With designs that play on black popular culture and black sexuality, the shop’s offerings include throw pillows, skirts, fitted caps, shirts and more.  Shop Carnivour Creates’s products here.


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Created by Kalyn Foxx, House of Kawaii is another black art brand that takes a unique perspective on black popular culture and black womanhood. The shop offers throw blankets, pillows and shower curtains. Shop House of Kawaii’s products here.



Aliya Michelle’s designs can be purchased as duvet covers, throw pillows or prints. Similar to the other artists, Aliya’s designs celebrate black love and black womanhood. However, her shop also features more abstract designs. Shop Aliya Michelle’s products here.



Regarded by the artist as ‘afro-pop redesigned,’ Fosci’s designs take a unique perspective on what it means to be a black woman. Her store offers totes, throw pillows, mugs and apparel. Bonus: women’s apparel comes in plus sizes. Shop Fosci’s products here.



Luxe Reserve is perfect for those who’d like to support black art, but don’t necessarily want throw pillows that have depictions of people. Luxe Reserve’s Live Luxe line primarily features throw pillows etched with popular, motivational sayings. Their throw pillow offerings have simple pattern designs as well.  Shop Luxe Reserve’s products here.



Mini Vixens Decor sells pillows, watches and clutches for teen and tween girls. If there’s a young girl in your life that would benefit from positive imagery of black girls, Mini Vixens Decor is the place to go. Shop Mini Vixens’ Decor here.



LaKendra Huckaby of Huck Designs uses her art to create unique, positive images of black people. Although most of her art does reflect black womanhood, she also has art that features black men. Her shop offers mugs, throw pillows, totes, buttons and apparel. 
Shop Huck Designs here and here.

Do you know of any other dope black artists? Share with us in the comments below!