Honey Boo Boo has a boo?

Mama June and the family are back for a new season of the WE tv series Mama June: Road to Redemption. This season, viewers will watch as Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson blossoms into a young adult and ventures into the dating world. Family drama is also ever-present this season.

Meet Alana’s new boyfriend

Alana introduces the crew to her new boyfriend, Dralin. In the trailer, her older sister Pumpkin admits seeing Alana grow up is taking some getting used to. “A full house is very stressful, especially with Alana getting older,” Pumpkin says. 

“The only I ask is respect and you treat her really, really good. And if you don’t I’m just gonna break your neck,” Pumpkin’s husband Josh tells Dralin.

Mama June also wants custody of Alana

While Alana’s love life is flourishing, the same can’t be said for her mother. Mama June is done with Geno Doak but has a new man Pumpkin isn’t too fond of. “Where does she find these men, Convicts.com?” Pumpkin asks.

She’s also vying to get Alana back. She lost custody to Pumpkin amid her drug addiction a few years ago. June tells Pumpkin that she has a house that Alana can stay in, but Pumpkin is unphased. “I’m her momma now,” Pumpkin tells June.


“Alana is mine and I can take her back any time I want,” Mama June declares back to her older daughter in the trailer. Alana is also happy living with Pumpkin and Josh. 

Alana and Pumpkin talk to a lawyer about Pumpkin being granted sole physical custody of Alana. But June is prepared to fight. The new season premieres on May 13.

Check out the clip below: