The team is full steam ahead with their Cuba strategy. They’re betting on the new influx of tourists who are excited about seeing the previously embargoed country. Ron is still blocking Marty from progressing, as he wants to take over Kaan & Associates if the deal goes through and wants Marty to be aware that he has something to lose as well. He’s also still doing weird stuff in the office.

Jeannie’s nanny keeps calling out sick, so she decides to spend some quality time with Phoebe. She’s not really good at idle time though, so she ends up taking Phoebe to a park and has a bit of a midlife crisis — again.

Doug’s been getting too friendly on Twitter and unwittingly corrupted the K&A servers with spam which allows Monica to see into their servers. Marty thinks it’s Ron’s doing and goes on a rampage destroying his office after realizing Skip has known his every move.  

In reality, Doug’s spam is the reason that their plan leaked to Monica. They decide to leave the spam where it is though and convince Monica that she is still one step ahead of them.

Clyde also realizes that Seth was never going to give him a position of leadership in his new administration and decides to cut their ties as well.

Photo: Michael Desmond/SHOWTIME
Photo: Michael Desmond/SHOWTIME

The pod finally meets the infamous Kohl brothers who are crazy but very rich. Right before their pitch starts, Skip tries to interrupt the meeting, but the Kohl brothers are only interested in getting their holdings back and will let Monica and Marty compete for the business.

Jeannie and Marty have another heart-to-heart about their future. Jeannie isn’t convinced that selling their company still isn’t the right thing to do, but all Marty can see is the money and the payday that they are almost in front of. It’s a great set up for what promises to be an eventful series finale next Sunday.

The line that made us lose our chill:

“You know I can’t think when I’m wet” – Doug

A real moment:

The Elephant in the office

house of lies
Photo: Michael Desmond/SHOWTIME

All good relationships are a balance, especially at work. Everyone has that colleague; the one that is friendly, but you’re not always sure about their intent or what their goals might be. Ron represents the worst kind of coworker; they get into your space, violate your peace, and operate as extreme opportunists, looking to take any and everything in their path. What makes it harder is that they say all the wrong things at exactly the worst times. Marty has to walk a thin line between working with Ron but keeping him in line as the CEO, which he has found a way to navigate but not without some hiccups along the way. If you haven’t worked with a ‘Ron’ yet, you probably haven’t worked long enough. They’re out there, and if you give them too much power, they can often make or break your mood.  Maybe that’s why Marty completely trashed his office and felt no remorse about it. Then again, that’s just Marty. 

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