Conversation about the tirade delivered by Dallas restauranteur Kevin Kelley has raged on the internet since video of him berating customers at TRUE Kitchen + Kocktails went viral. People have been roasting Kelley for his strangely offensive speech and clowning him for blowing the situation out of proportion. 

But some restaurants took it a bit further, using the debate over the appropriateness of twerking to help market their own eatery, where brunch twerking is definitely encouraged. 

Houston restaurant Domain Restaurant & Lounge released a fun video of their weekly Sunday brunches, highlighting that the food is good, music is loud and the space is primed for a little movement. 

"Twerkin really damn near mandatory with us," the caption read. 

The fun-loving establishment was quickly heralded for wasting no time in seizing the marketing opportunity. 

In addition to praising Domain, there was a fair amount of roasting reserved for TRUE Kitchen + Kocktails.

But mostly it was praise for Domain's quick work. 

Despite the love, a few people did note that it might not be the best idea to do brunch twerking right now considering the United States just broke its record for COVID-19 hospitalizations with 96,039 people being hospitalized and thousands dying each day. 

In response to the outrage over his comments, Kelley has doubled down, using his restaurant accounts to promote messages online that support him over the last two days.