In March, Cinema Management Group (CMG) picked up all international rights to the John Sayles’ drama/thriller, Go For Sisters, after its world premiere at SXSW.

Yolonda RossLisaGay Hamilton, Isaiah WashingtonEdward James Olmos, and Hector Elizondo all star in the film, which is described as follows:. 

The plot concerns two friends, Bernice and Fontayne, who grow up so close they ‘go for sisters’, but then lose track of each other for twenty years. They are reunited when Bernice is assigned as the parole officer for Fontayne, who is fresh out of prison and fighting heroin addiction. But Bernice has an even more threatening problem. With a budget well under a million dollars and four weeks to shoot, this will be a return to the guerilla style of filmmaking familiar to Sayles from his early 80’s films Return of the Secaucus Seven, Lianna and Brother from Another Planet. 

It’s a film I have yet to see (it hasn’t screened in NYC), although I fully expected it to continue to travel the international film festival circuit throughout the year, despite this pick-up. Reviews out of SXSW were mostly positive.

Cinema Management Group hasn’t set an official release date for the film yet, but, snooping around their website this morning for any news on it, I found the below poster, emphasizing the “thriller” side of the film.

The film’s first trailer debuted in January, and is embedded underneath the poster if you missed it.