If you’ve ever been juggling a handful of groceries at the store while waiting for the endless lines to clear up, you know how clutch the self-checkout line can be for being efficient and getting the job done. We live in a society that doesn’t like to wait, and although patience is a virtue, if there’s a way to be more efficient, then we’re all about it. Because of this, McDonald’s is putting more choice and control in the hands of consumers – evolving how they order, pay and enjoy their favorite foods. One way you can take advantage of this is through self-order kiosks in restaurants, which are rolling out in more and more cities across the U.S.

In certain McDonald’s restaurants across the country (including some in Downtown L.A. and Las Vegas) customers can go up to one of the self-order kiosks use the touch screen to order their custom meal without having to wait in line to order at the front counter.

One of the best features of the self-order kiosk is the ability to customize your meal. For example, if choosing to order a Signature Crafted Recipes sandwich, you can choose from traditional beef and crispy or grilled chicken, an artisan roll or sesame seed bun, and one of three new signature recipes. With the option of savory Maple Bacon Dijon, Sweet BBQ Bacon, or Pico Guacamole, there’s a flavor for everyone and every mood.

Even customers who have a "regular order" are likely to discover something new on the menu once they use the kiosks because it presents items in a new way that allows you to tailor your meal just the way you want it.

Once you decide what you want in your order, you can choose to pay with a card directly at the self-order kiosk, print the receipt from the kiosk and pay at the cash register, or use Apple or Android Pay. After placing your order, you will be treated to dine-in table service where your order will be delivered to you by a member of the restaurant staff.

This addition to the McDonald’s dining experience helps bring traits of sit-down restaurants to fast-food restaurants — at a much more affordable rate.

Anyone who visits one of these updated McDonald’s restaurants will tell you that it’s definitely a different experience than what they know—from presentation to options and service. It’s a better experience

Next time you want quick, custom service, make sure you look for one of these locations near you. The company has announced plans to update 2,500 of its 14,000 restaurants with self-order kiosks by the end of 2017.

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