After graduating college and moving to what’s deemed ‘The Big Apple,’ Muufasa was so ready to live the life he created in his head; gorgeous spouse, a successful fashion blogger, condo sky rise on top of the Empire State Building — Sex and the City much? As a creative coming from a small town like Portsmouth, Virginia you have to dream or life is blueprinted for you. It never fails — you either have a ton of kids, work at a factory or are incarcerated, usually killed before you hit 30.
So, of course, he arrived in New York and reality happened. I MEAN SH*T REALLY HAPPENED! He was broke, homeless at times, not close to even working in the field Sallie Mae made his hotline bling thousands of times for. At that point, he began asking God what his purpose was. It’s crazy how we remember a higher being when life starts to turn sour, but nonetheless at that very moment when on Facebook lurking on his ex’s page all while doing his daily duty as a Christian by liking all the God memes to get a blessing, he stumbled upon the Triangle web series audition information. He was thinking to himself “who even watches those things?” when he made the decision to go for it.
Fast-forward to a year later and the web series he auditioned for finally finished Season 1 and is now in production for Season 2 with pretty good media coverage and deals being offered left and right, including the first two seasons being shown on OUTtv in Europe in 26 different languages. But most importantly, it’s helped him find what he is truly passionate about. Acquiring another family with co-stars and an even bigger fan base of people who are inspired by the content they produce, Triangle the web series has been deemed the first LGBT soap opera of its time. Muufasa is ready to see where this journey is going to take him as he continues to practice the artistry of acting.
Watch ‘Triangle’ here.
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