Welcome to another page in the book of What They Didn’t Teach Me in College. Most of us know stress to be stress, nothing less and nothing more. It comes and it goes. Sometimes it might linger. Other times it’s associated with certain people or tasks. We all deal with it, but do we really think about it? If we were more conscious about the types of stress that we deal with, it would be easier to go about our day-to-day lives. There are two kinds of stress, and here’s what you need to know to differentiate between good and bad stress:

Good Stress

differentiate between good and bad stress
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This is the kind of stress that catapults us to where we need to be. Good stress gives you the motivation to overcome obstacles, pushes you to achieve your goals and ultimately leads to more happiness. The pressure of a deadline or presentation can result in good stress, which should only last for a little while.

Bad Stress

Photo: differentiate between good and bad stress
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This type of stress comes about when your body perceives a threat. Both your body and your performance in your day-to-day life will suffer from this kind of stress. Weight loss or gain, memory loss and irritability are all side effects. Bad stress can initially be caused by good stress that has evolved, the death or loss of a loved one, relationship trouble or high-demanding work.

Negative stress is the type that we need to avoid. Find different ways to unwind and decompress when met with this kind of stress, or turn it up a notch and remove those negative stressors from your life immediately.

Who’s ready to kick bad stress out of their life? We are!

differentiate between good and bad stress
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