You did it! You’ve landed that first job out of college. A consistent salary, benefits and a (hopefully) exciting work culture await you. Now you want to make sure that you show off your best qualities that landed you the job in the first place. Here are a few tips to help you ensure that your first job is one of your best.       

Come in early, stay late

This rule is tried and true. Although you certainly shouldn’t be giving up your livelihood by staying unreasonably late, there’s no harm in coming a few minutes early and not rushing out of the door as soon as the clock hits 6 p.m. When you put in extra effort and make it known that you’re open to spending a few extra minutes to ensure that the task at hand is done, your boss will notice it and appreciate it.

Ask questions  

Directors appreciate it when you take out the time and are confident enough to raise your voice in an effort to make sure the assignment is done correctly instead of doing a half-done job. Sometimes one question leads to another, giving you an opportunity to learn something else about the job that you might not have known before.    

Build a relationship with your boss

Don’t be afraid to get to know your boss. Many of my own internships prior to my current full-time job were easier to get because I had — and still have — such great relationships with many of my former bosses and supervisors. Some have even turned into mentors and are always available to answer any questions I have or to give me advice on a future endeavor. 

Be social        

If you’re in a social job environment, such as a startup, make conversation with your coworkers. You don’t have to be lifelong pals with everyone in the office, but bonding over shared interests helps the positive office environment grow and can lead to some important career relationships. 

Look for opportunity/different tasks

When you finish an assignment, that doesn’t mean it’s time to aimlessly scroll through your social media accounts. During one of my former job experiences, I watched a new hire get fired pretty quickly. One of the main reasons? Instead of helping fellow supervisors with pending tasks during the day, he spent his time trying to figure out where everyone was going after work. Our workforce is competitive. Everyone is hustling and working on multiple projects to get ahead in life. Instead of being the person looking for the nearest taco joint, be the one that not only completes your work with precision and professionalism but always helps colleagues and superiors to get the job done.       

How do you stand out at work? Share below!