'Hustle HER Way' — What I learned from hosting my first summit

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| June 27 2016,

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Don’t underestimate small businesses

hosting my first summit

When it comes to sponsorship, many tend to go straight for the larger companies and foundations. Though this can lead to larger checks, sometimes these organizations aren’t interested in supporting smaller scale events. Additionally, depending on what time of year you submit your request, they might have already allocated their funds. Don’t underestimate small and internet businesses. I secured 15 sponsors for my event, and many of them were small businesses. Some of them provided monetary support while others provided donations of items to include in the attendee gifts bags. Others can provide items as giveaways or raffles. Think creatively on how you can leverage these partnerships.

Branding matters

hosting my first summit
Photo: Courtesy of Kyshira Moffett
Great speakers and an awesome venue are important, but how you market them is even more important. Your marketing materials should convey that your conference is an experience that someone doesn’t want to miss out on. I created graphics for Instagram that were inspirational and empowering, similar to the experience that one would get at the summit. I also hosted a special Hustle HER Way edition of my #HERmovement Twitter chat to provide digital taste of what the summit would consist of. Be very thoughtful in your branding and how it aligns with your vision.

Organization is the key to your sanity        

hosting my first summit
Photo: Courtesy of Kyshira Moffett

I created a project plan in Excel where I listed every task that needed to be completed for the summit, as well as their due dates. Because this was a one-woman show, I knew something would slip between the cracks if I didn’t document what I was doing. I used this spreadsheet to keep track of every call and email I sent, vendors, sponsors, purchases, etc. Maintaining efficient records will save you the time of figuring out where you are and will be helpful if you decide to bring volunteers on board.

Check out @hustleHERway on Instagram for highlights of the summit! Have you hosted large scale events before? Share your own best practices in the comments!

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