Cleveland get your still and recording cameras ready… I know we have readers in that Northeastern Ohio city, so I fully expect to some of you will snap photos and record video (or should I say “steal” some shots) while principal photography is happening, and email them to me so we can share here. I think most would agree with me when I say that of all the work Tyler Perry has done thus far, this one inspires the most interest and speculation for a variety of reasons – many we’ve already tossed around on this site. I’m genuinely curious to see how this all turns out in the end. Seriously; no joke here.

So, here ya go Cleveland:

I, ALEX CROSS to shoot in Cleveland in Spring/Summer 2011

CLEVELAND – The Greater Cleveland Film Commission is excited to announce that I, ALEX CROSS, a film based on James Patterson’s best-selling book series, will be shot in Cleveland. The film is the fourth feature film to be shooting in the area during Spring/Summer 2011. The Ohio Film Office has confirmed that the film will receive an Ohio Motion Picture Tax Credit. I, ALEX CROSS is expected to hire 183 Ohio-based crew and more than 1,700 cast members…

I, ALEX CROSS (starring Tyler Perry, Matthew Fox, Ed Burns, and Jean Reno) will be directed by Rob Cohen; produced by Bill Block, Paul Hanson, Norton Herrick, Teddy Schwarzman, and Leopoldo Gout; and executive produced by James Patterson, Steve Bowen, and Ethan Smith.

1700 cast members seems like a lot, but that includes extras.

Anyway… snap, snap, snap… and don’t forget the flash 🙂