Step by step, I’ve been trying to improve my “adulting” skills  in many areas of my life. I’ve conquered things such as taxes, groceries and even the doctor’s office. Lately, I’ve been focusing on my skincare. l’m only 23, but the way my skin routine was currently set up, I was on my way to aging my skin well before its time.
Even though I have melanin on my side, I know fellow age-defyers such as Pharrell, Gabrielle Union and Angela Bassett didn’t simply rely on the old adage, ‘black don’t crack.’
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With that being said, I went out trying to find skincare products that resembled my hippie values – black-owned, sweet-smelling, effective and free from any hard to pronounce chemicals. A friend of mine owns Oh So Good Organics, a company dedicated to bringing herbalism, art and spirit together, and I decided to try a routine with their products.
As soon as I opened my package, the aroma of different essential oils filled my room. These products are made with natural organic materials such as calendula, lemongrass and bamboo. I tried several products from the company, but I’ll let you in on my favorites thus far.

Organic hair oil for hair growth 

natural products

The hair oil is light with a citrus scent. It contains ingredients such as  avocado oil, babassu oil and horsetail herb to promote hair growth. This oil is good for the occasional touch-up. I like to apply and massage my scalp with it during my mid-week re-moisture session. The small container is also great for travel, so you aren’t lugging a ton of products around.

Organic deodorant for men 


Deodorants never really agree with me. I’ve tried many, whether natural or not, and they either irritate my underarms or don’t control my funk. I like this product because it passed both of those tests! Even though it’s targeted at men (probably due to the earthy citrus scent), anyone can use it. It comes in an eco-friendly package that pushes up like stick deodorant.

One con about it is that the formula didn’t spread evenly on my armpit. I had to apply it with my fingers. It’s also probably not best for anyone who leads a super active lifestyle. I just started working out, and it didn’t last as long as when I had a rest day. It will last through a few hours of daily activity, but should probably be skipped if you regularly do rigorous exercise.

Organic activated bamboo soap

According to the site, activated charcoal absorbs toxins four times more than carbon charcoal. I already know the power of activated charcoal, as it’s the main reason for my pearly whites. Oh So Good Organics takes it a step further by adding Himalayan sea salt, green tea and shea butter to make you clean and moisturized. I really dig this soap, not only for its ingredients but for its scent. The scent of ylang-ylang and lemongrass fills up my shower as I lather. An aromatherapy session while I shower is like a two-for-one deal for me.

Organic calendula unscented gentle soap 


Even though this is a body soap, I use it for my face. I have extra dry skin and I love how there’s shea butter and calendula in the formula, which both heal my skin and leave it moisturized. Another plus is that this soap bar is unscented.

Organic night repair cream


At night, I normally just crawl into bed without washing my face — I know, that’s so horrible. However, I’ve currently made an intention to have a nighttime skincare routine. This night cream has quickly become a part of it. This has to be my favorite product from Oh So Good Organics. It’s not too thick and spreads nicely on my skin, and the scents of lavender, rose and grapefruit are wonderful.

My face is dry, and with ingredients such as shea butter, aloe vera, calendula and marshmallow root, this night cream has my face feeling really soft by morning.

After the three weeks that I’ve used the products, Oh So Good Organics gets an A+ plus from me! I love the natural scents and the fact that all of the products have very moisturizing properties.
If you’re looking for more natural products, check them out here.

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