All the details via press release below, winners of the 2012 edition, as well as a call for entries for the 2013 edition. You're encouraged to go to the festival's website for information on how to submit for the 2013 installment of the festival:

Nashville, TN- Jan 23, 2013 – The International Black Film Festival of Nashville wraps up its successful, inaugural online festival with announcement of 2012 Award Winners and opening of the 2013 film submission season in preparation for the 2013 festival.

IBFFN Online judges selected 8 films as winners of their competitive category and made the official  announcement in an online awards ceremony. 2012 online award winning films are:

Best Short: The Becoming Box, Monique Walton, director

Best Feature: The Custom Mary, Matt Dunnerstick, director

Best Documentary: Who is Wright, Mike Mo, director

Best International : Natsanat, Cheryl Halpern & Mitchell Stuart, directors

Founder's Award: Astorgos, Solomon Onita, director

Honorable Mention: The Last First Kiss, Andrea Ashton, director

Best of the Festival: The Becoming Box, Monique Walton, director

Audience Choice: Docket 32357, Randy Wilkins, director 

The founder, Hazel Joyner-Smith said "Presenting independent films, utilizing the online platform opened the door for the festival to dive into the progressive and ever growing movement of digital media.  It also fostered and intimate collaboration between the festival and filmmakers, as we worked in concert to engage our respective networks. Lastly, it expanded our reach and exposure beyond all geographical and artificial boundaries . While we did not host the live festival,  we absolutely count the 2012 online festival as a huge success.

"No venues to manage, no transportation and accommodations to arrange, no equipment to haul, just a brilliant and willing team, our mobile devices and computers, and we did it", said Ingrid Brown.

On the coat tails of the online festival, IBFFN team is anticipating a great influx of film submissions and interest in the overall festival for the 2013 season.  The Call for Film was officially opened on January 15, 2013.

With Nashville, TN recognized as the new "It" city by the NY Times, IBFFN knows that the electricity in the city will enhance the returning live festival format. They will continue to provide a digital window using both live streaming and online screening.   Hazel Joyner-Smith believes this is a forward-looking model for film festivals that encourages "participation without barriers" and stability in a challenging industry.

Fundraisers and a host of engaging screenings and special events will be held in anticipation of the 2013 festival. If you would like to be a donor for special events and/or the 2013 festival please contact us via email at 

Please visit our website for additional details on the 2012 IBFFN Online Award Winners, information for the 2013 film submission season and regular updates on the 2013 festival at

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