Per the press release from Icarus Films, the same distribution that acquired and will release The Great Flood, from director Bill Morrison, as well as 6 Jean Rouch classics for North American distribution, including his landmark 1957 work Moi, Un Noir (Me, A Black), and also The Last Angel of History as well as Seven Songs for Malcolm X both by John Akomfrah – all releases we’ve covered on S&A.

The company announced today its acquisition of all North American distribution rights to 11 films from the Cuba Media Project of the Americas Media Initiative

The films are all independent productions, and, with the exception of two compilation programs, all documentaries. Together they offer the rare opportunity to see Cuba documented by media artists whose work has been little seen outside the country. 

Among other titles, the collection includes Ernesto Pérez Zambrano’s Major Leagues? (¿Grandes Ligas?), an exploration of the Cuban National women’s baseball team, Gustavo Pérez’s They Would All Be Queens (Todas iban ser reinas), about Soviet women who emigrated to Cuba for marriage prior to the dissolution of the Soviet Unionand Katrin Hansing’s Freddy Ilanga: Che’s Swahili Translator (Freddy Ilanga: El Traductor del Che), a profile of an African man whose life was transformed by a chance encounter with one of the great icons of the 20th century. 

The deal was signed by Jonathan Miller, President of Icarus Films, and Alexandra Halkin, Director of the Americas Media Initiative, which produces, screens, and distributes independent and community-produced media from the Americas. 

Beginning in September, Icarus Films will handle all North American distribution responsibilities for the collection. There will be two new releases added to the collection this year.   

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