Instead of signing herself away to a label, Ice Spice is an independent artist who has been able to retain her masters.

A lot of that is due to the pristine insights she gained from her manager, James Rosemond Jr, who sat down with Billboard to discuss Ice Spice’s trajectory.

“It was really about giving her all the right information,” Rosemond Jr. said when asked about the topic of masters and more specifically, the catalyst behind how Ice Spice was able to maintain them.

“Like, this is where the market is going. It’s about independence,” he said. “It’s about retaining ownership, about intellectual property and generational wealth… People may be dangling money, but if you want a certain type of deal, you have to be patient as we do the work to have leverage.”

He continued, “That was the conversation early on. And, thank God she listened and was able to hold out while we kept running up the numbers on ‘Munch.’ Then it became, ‘Let’s entertain these deals’ and, as I said earlier, begin to shape one in a creative way.”


As a direct result of Rosemond Jr.’s advice and the wise decisions Ice Spice had made early on in her career, the 24-year-old Bronx native maintains the cardinal rights to her masters and publishing rights and “still gets upfront money as if she’s a work for hire,” according to Rosemond Jr.

He added, “It’s a hybrid type of deal that you don’t see often. And it comes with doing the work, having patience and creating leverage.”

At the moment, Ice Spice is on the verge of embarking on her debut tour: “The Y2K! Tour,” which kicks off on July 4 at the Roskilde festival. Some cities she’ll be visiting include Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Detroit and Toronto.