On Twitter, the spice cabinet discovered Ice Spice has a younger brother who’s successful on the football field. Joey Gaston is a high school quarterback at Iona Prep in New York. Gaston is a dual-threat quarterback and allegedly the best QB in the city.


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The star quarterback hopes to be recruited by an NCAA school for his college years. According to OvertimeHeroics, he runs a 4.5 on the field, a 40-yard dash, and is ranked top 20 in the state for passing yards and total yards.


In an online letter to college recruits and coaches, Gaston pitched his qualifications on the field and shared his love for the game.

“I’m confident that 4 years at this level of competition will prepare me for the collegiate stage. I’m fearless, I’m competitive, I lead by example, and I will never let anyone outwork me. I was molded into this type of athlete because I have been overlooked and doubted all my life. I’m not as big as the other QBs, so I have had to prove people wrong at every level of my sports career,” he wrote, according to NCSA Sports.

Joey Gaston, whose high school football highlights are currently going viral, is receiving a lot of love on social media. He is a quarterback with an extremely promising future.

“I have had to work twice as hard for the opportunity to show them that I give the team the best chance to win. Football keeps me motivated to be the best student I can be, the best teammate I can be, and the best person I can be. My goal is to graduate high school with honors and attend a college that will not only help me compete at the highest level but also help me become successful in life after football,” he said.

Gaston seems to be proud of his sister, recently posting a picture of them together in honor of her Billboard charting career single. Gaston has five siblings, including Ice Spice — with her being the eldest of all.