There's a great profile of Idris Elba in New York Magazine posted last week in which he reveals some things that I thought were interesting and maybe you will too.

First, how's this for an actor's trick; talking about shooting the first season of Luther, Idris had this to say:

“When you watch season one of Luther, understand that most of those scenes were done with a hangover, which is what makes it grumpier and more interesting to watch, I think.”

I didn't know that at all, and it actually makes a lot of sense now when I think back on season 1. He always seemed a little gruff and disheveled all the time, disagreeable and sometimes as if in pain… kind of like he had a hangover! 

I think it's kind of humorous actually. Now I want to go back and watch season 1 again knowing what I know now.

He also talked about prepping to play Nelson Mandela in Long Walk to Freedom, seeming to be a bit nervous about the part, and taking up boxing, a passion of Mandela’s, to stay in shape; and he’s thinking of making a documentary about his training, with plans to eventually participate in a charity fight next year to benefit children in Sierra Leone, where his father is from.

And when the interviewer asks him about the potential damage boxing might have on his pretty face, Elba said he actually would embrace that, stating:

“If I made my living off my face alone, I don’t think I’d be here talking to you now… I don’t have much to lose. Besides, there are characters out there that have crooked noses. I think I’ll get those characters.”

And as for what else he'd like to do in terms of movies, Idris said he'd like to do a romantic comedy, or even a children’s movie, expressing admiration for Dwayne Johnson's career choices:

“I love kids and kids like me, so I’d like to do something a bit silly… I admire Dwayne Johnson, the Rock, and his fearlessness in taking roles like that even though he’s known for being a hard man. That shows versatility. Plus those movies are a lot of fun, and my daughter likes them.”

And lastly, as for becoming a household name in the USA, he's not too concerned about that:

“My publicist says a lot of the time people don’t get it. They’re like, ‘Ee-dris Elba?’ And she’s like, ‘The guy from The Wire.’ I don’t see myself as ­famous. I’m more, ‘What’s his name again?’ And I love that.”

You can read the full profile HERE., where you'll learn about his days as a youngster on the musical theater circuit in the UK, touring in a production of Guys And Dolls, playing a character named Big Jule.

He'll next be seen in Prometheus this Friday.