nullIf you didn’t get the opportunity to see Darius Clark Monroe’s deeply moving feature documentary, "Evolution Of A Criminal," during its limited theatrical run, you should know that it’s coming to PBS this month, which will make the film far more widely available to audiences.

"In examining a bank robbery committed by Texas high school students, Darius Clark Monroe’s film interweaves suspenseful reenactment footage with candid interviews from people involved in every angle of the crime. The twist? The filmmaker himself was one of the men involved in the robbery. In ‘Evolution of a Criminal,’ filmmaker Monroe explores what led him to pull a heist as a teenager in Texas, and returns to the scene of the crime. By interviewing family members, close friends, and mentors, we learn about his transformation from a joyous childhood to the moment he realized the severity of his family’s financial problems, and how their struggles changed his outlook on his own life. Coming back to his neighborhood many years later, Monroe creates an incredibly intimate and personal journey of reflection and forgiveness while beautifully examining lower class struggles, the desperation of a teen under pressure, and the emotional impact that rippled in the aftermath of that day."

PBS will broadcast the documentary throughout the month, premiering it on January 12, as part of its Independent Lens films series, which will include in a diverse slate of films that will take audiences to practically every corner of the United States, as well as Afghanistan, continental Africa, and Haiti.

Ahead of the film’s debut, PBS has shared 3 clips from "Evolution of a Criminal" as well as a promo trailer, which are all embedded below. Check your local listings to find out when exactly the film will air on your local PBS station this month: