nullYou know there are so many of thse ratchet wives reality shows on TV that no one can keep up with them. Take Starter Wives Confidential for example.

The TLC reality show feature the ex-wives and ex-girlfriends of DMX, 50 Cent, Lamar Odom, Funk Master Flex and Floyd Maywaether acting up and being all ratchet I suppose. And if that sounds like your cup of tea, you're too late.

After only three episodes TLC has pulled the plug on the show.

Now supposedly, according to Monica Taylor who is Flex's ex-wife, the network decided to end the show because of legal issues.

Seems that Fiddy had some sort of contract with his ex-girlfreind Shanequa Tompkins that prevented her for appearing on the show and in fact she never appeared in any of the episodes that aired. Stuck with that insurmontable problem the network decided to end the show.

However, maybe it was just because no one was watching the show in the first place.