A video of a police officer, drawing his weapon on a biker in DeSoto, Texas, is drawing concern online.

In the video, you can see the bicycle rider, filming in a parking lot. The biker comes across a police SUV, and begins filming and following it, as it turns a corner.

Things escalated pretty quickly. The police officer who was driving the SUV, jumped out the vehicle, and pointed his gun at the bike rider. You can hear the man on the bike yell, "I'm just riding my bike!" as he hurries and pedals away.

It's unclear whether the bike rider was intentionally filming the SUV or not, but either way the officer's reaction has raised many concerns. 

On Facebook, users called the officer "trigger happy" and "unstable;" other users called for him to be fired.

Having received a number of complaints, following the release of the video, the DeSoto Police Department, released a statement via their Facebook page, stating "the incident is currently under review."