For those who may not know… if you don’t have cable TV, or if your cable TV provider doesn’t carry BBC America, you can still watch the second season of Luther, the critically acclaimed psychological crime drama starring one Idris Elba, which premiered for stateside audiences, on September 28th.

Each episode of season 2 is available on VOD – specifically, I learned that for $2.99 per episode, you can watch the entire new season on’s VOD channel.

Your options are to watch it on your computer, or, if you have a Roku box, or something similar, you’ll be able to stream the show directly onto your large screen HD TV screen; that’s because the episodes are available in HD.

So, if you don’t mind dropping a total of about $12 (there are 4 episodes in season 2), you have a way to catch Luther on TV (there are certainly other ways; some legal, some not; this is just one of them). Although, Amazon says you can save 5% per episode, if you pay in full in advance.

Each episode is available within 24 hours after it airs on BBC America; so you won’t be that far behind your peers 🙂

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