I like what the filmmaker did with the promo trailer; it's convincing. One thing I always encourage filmmakers taking the crowd-funding route to do, is, if you can, giving your potential donors something to look at. Words can only do so much. Especially if few are familiar with your ability, or what you've done previously, if anything.

Get a camera and shoot a 2-page scene even. Something. It helps.

Anyway, these folks are trying to raise $200,000 to get their film made. Which reminds me of another thing I recommend filmmakers do when using crowd-funding to raise money for their projects – you may want to start out small. When you wonder into 6-figure territory, I think potential donors may be intimidated at the sight of all those digits. Not necessarily because they don't think your project is worth it, but they may see your goal as unreachable, and opt out, which isn't what you want; again, especially if you're not a filmmaker a lot of people already know of, and are familiar with your work.

I've seen past projects raise their funds in chunks, as they move through production, and from different sources – not all from one source.

And lastly, keep your campaign text short; folks generally don't want to read some lengthy description of you, your project, your vision, who's involved, what the money is going towards, etc. Just stick to the basics. Or preferably, put all that stuff into your promo video, so folks watch whatever teaser footage you've shot for the campaign, plus they get to meet you via the video, as you talk about yourself, your project, etc. Although I'd still keep that short too.

Just my $.02, based on what I've witnessed – projects that I've seen complete their funding campaigns successfully, and those that don't; I get a lot of these every week, so I've seen plenty. And these are my observations and recommendations. Take'em or leave'em.

But all that said… watch the promo trailer for Griffin below, and if what you see encourages you to do so, head over to the film's IndieGoGo page (HERE), read up on the back-story, and if you're sold, make your contribution:

Griffin Official Trailer from kReativ Studios on Vimeo.