From Orangethenblue Productions comes a feature-length documentary directed by Kevin Ellington Mingus (grandson of jazz legend Charles Mingus), titled Mingus on Mingus.

Long in production, the film raised over $45,000 last fall, which allowed it to continue production (as of June, it was still shooting; such is the world of indie filmmaking). In short, Mingus on Mingus will follow the grandson, as he discovers the truths behind the legend of the grandfather he never knew.

Known to the world as a composer who left one of the largest musical legacies of the 20th century, the film highlights the voices of the people he touched and the places he lived. While following the search for a grandfather and a true jazz legend, we rediscover both, the man and the artist: Charles Mingus. 

Says director Kevin Mingus, "there are many perspectives of my grandfather that have not had a place in defining his legacy… I am seeking them out to understand him beyond myth, fable or a singular vision of his work."

The documentary will interweave narration (the grandson's), interviews (with Mingus’ collaborators, family members and friends), and music layered over sequences.

No ETA on when the film will be officially complete, nor when/where it might premiere.

Watch the promo below: