The announcement that she'd been cast in quite a meaty role in Steve McQueen's Twelve Years A Slave naturally led some to wonder about her past work, given that, as I noted in that post, looking over her IMDB page, the Kenyan actress has primarily crew credits on a few projects, but little in the acting department. Although on her Twitter page, she lists herself as an actor first, a graduate of Yale School of Drama.

Well, something tells me that Lupita Nyong'o's life is about to change, as more folks become familiar with her name and face.

And we may be seeing some of that already, as a documentary she directed (yes, she's a filmmaker as well), titled In My Genes, will screen at the Maysles Institute (in NYC), on Monday, October 1, at 7pm, in an event presented by Doc Watchers, curated by Hellura Lyle.

And by the way, a post-screening Q&A with Lupita Nyong, with a reception, will follow. So she'll be present for it! More incentive to attend.

What's the feature documentary about? Here's a synopsis:

The first feature-length documentary by talented Kenyan director Lupita Nyong'o, In My Genes, follows eight individual Kenyans who have one thing in common: they were born with albinism, a genetic condition that causes a lack of pigmentation. In many parts of Africa, including Kenya, it is a condition that marginalizes, stereotypes, and even endangers those who have it. Though highly visible in a society that is predominantly black, the reality of living with albinism is invisible to most. Through her intimate portraits, Ms. Nyong'o lets us see their challenges, their humanity, and their everyday triumphs.

Tickets to the screening event are $10; you can pre-purchase yours HERE.

No word on what Lupita might currently be up to, now that shooting on Twelve Years A Slave is complete. Maybe she'll be directing; maybe she'll be acting; maybe both. 

But once we learn anything, so will you.

Watch a trailer for In My Genes below (followed by poster, and CNN interview with Lupita).

The Lupita section begins at around the 3-minute mark: