With summer right around the corner, it is never to early to start planning for that long-awaited beach vacation—namely, which swimsuit styles we want to rock to showcase our curves just right. I've tried every style under the sun. Well, except for string bikini because...no

I'd worn only one-pieces for the longest time (WITH a cover-up), so I totally understand how overwhelming and intimidating trying on things that reveal a bit more skin can be. But the older I become, the more comfortable I am in my skin. If an article of clothing makes me feel good, I'm wearing it! And it's not all about fitting a certain type of figure, because there was a point where I was in tip-top shape, yet still had no desire to wear a bikini. Whatever makes you comfortable is what you should strive for.
Photo: Swimsuits for All
Photo: Swimsuits for All
That being said, with so many swimsuit styles, how do you choose?

1. The one-piece

One-piece suits are a forever classic. They are so many styles to choose from and look great on every woman. Just when you thought a one-piece could not get any more creative, GabiFresh for Summer Sexy delivers. Try solid color with metallic detail to achieve a timeless look

Photo: Swimsuit for All
Photo: Swimsuit for All

2. Bikinis

So many women have a love-hate relationship with the bikini. They are not 'forgiving' by any means, but if we're being real, all you need is your confidence to rock one. High-waisted bikinis have been my saving grace because these love handles are not going anywhere! As with onesies, any woman can wear a bikini. And despite what you might think, not all bikinis are super revealing. When it comes to bikinis, the more print the better. A playful and bright look is easy to achieve with the endless mix and match combinations to try

Photo: Monif C. Swimwear
Photo: Monif C. Swimwear

3. Tankinis

Yasssssssss, tankinis! I love that they look vry casual, yet stylish. They're a happy medium between the one-piece and bikini. Add a little flare with attention-grabbing embellishments
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Photo: Pinterest
The summer slaycation is approaching. Which swimsuit do you see yourself sporting on the beach? What's your favorite style and why? Let us know in the comments below!
Photo: Kelly Augustine
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