Insecure star Amanda Seales comes to country singer Mickey Guyton’s defense after she faces racist scrutiny on social media.

According to Atlanta Black Star, Guyton received a racist message on her Instagram page from a self-professed country music fan. The racist commenter wrote “we don’t want your kind in country music” and added, “all you people talk about is your race and skin color.” They also wrote that Guyton should stick to “rap, hip-hop, and R&B and to “get the f out of our country music” (in all caps).

“Started off 2022 with a good ole batch of racism,” wrote Guyton on her Instagram page as she shared the message with her fans. “I show you this so you guys continue the fight for equality and love and acceptance.”

Seales made a video about the message Guyton received

She said, “Can y’all please take a moment and head over to Mickey Guyton’s page and show her some love because…I am all whizzed. Because it never ceases to amaze me the boldness of white folks.”

“You know that Black folks were an integral part of the creation of country music. We are an integral part of the creation of any American music, OK? Any American music we were there or we were literally the actual creators of it,” she continued. “Nonetheless, just go show her some love because I just can’t imagine being immersed in a genre of music where your gift and your skill and your talent are constantly being challenged by folks who have a Call of Duty icon as their avi.”

Reposting Seales’ message, Gutyon wrote on Instagram, “Thank you @amandaseales for turning these lemons into lemonade. ”


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Guyton recently talked about the racism she experiences in the country music industry on Facebook Watch's 'Face to Face with Becky G.'

She said that she works to make the industry a place that can represent everyone.

“It is so important for Black people to be in this space because country music did start with Black people,” she said. “And if I can’t make it, I need to make sure that Black people are seen and heard in this industry. And I’ve made enough connections that no matter what, that’s what I’ll do, and then I found my purpose…And that includes the Latino community, the Indigenous community, and the LGBTQIA+ community.”