"The Walking Dead" Season 6 Poster ArtIt just screened for Comic-Con attendees, and, thankfully, AMC immediately made it available online as well.

Present for the Comic-Con presentation was showrunner Scott M. Gimple, who shared the following: "What have we heard from Morgan [thus far]? What have we seen from him? He said, “All life is precious,” and the first thing he sees [at the end of last season] Rick do is shoot a man in the face. So right there, the facts point towards a bit of conflict there, a bit of an issue. And will the Alexandrians, after that gunshot, be completely down with what Rick was saying just a few moments before? Bit of a question mark there."

Things that make you go hmm… even more conflict within the group awaits us this fall.

And if that quote from Dimple still isn’t enough. There’s also this: After the previous season’s finale, creator Robert Kirkman and co-star Steven Yeun appeared on a panel at the annual trade show produced by the National Association of Broadcasters, and shared some deets on what fans can expect in the upcoming 6th season. The most noteworthy item came from Kirkman who shared that Rick and Morgan’s reunion (which ended the most recent season) will be "the spine of Season 6." He didn’t elaborate, as expected (he can’t give it all away obviously), but what he did say was enough to get fans of the series talking and excited for what may be to come.

After last season’s finale, when Morgan (Lennie James) and Rick (Andrew Lincoln) are reintroduced, I did wonder whether this signaled a changing of leadership, as Rick seemingly lost his mind, and the more zen-like Morgan might then assume the throne, so to speak, to become the big cheese when season 6 kicks off in the fall. As I said earlier this year, there could be a tug-of-war for control between both characters, as the group maybe considers redefining itself, and each character is forced to choose one side or the other. And it looks like that just may be the case. I can’t see Morgan, especially as we’ve come to know him, as a man on his own path, playing second fiddle to Rick – especially a Rick that’s not quite the same sane character that he once was. Morgan will either lead, or leave, as I see it. But, based on the first trailer below, it looks like there’ll be a divide between the group.

Kirkman also shared that the series could go on "for many, many years," as long as there’s an audience for it.

Well there certainly is an audience for it right now – one that lamented the fact that we lost a number of brothas last season: SPOILERS (although, at this point, you really should already know, even if you weren’t keeping up with the series, thanks to social media and the press) – Lawrence Gilliard, Jr. as Bob Stookey (Tyreese stabbed him in the head after he was bitten, to prevent his zombification); Tyreese (played by Chad L. Coleman) lost a lot of blood after two walker bites and died; and Noah (Tyler James Williams) was killed after Nicholas couldn’t stick to Glenn’s plan.

To maybe make up for the losses, Corey Hawkins (who plays Dr. Dre in the upcoming "Straight Outta Compton" N.W.A. biopic) is the most recent addition to the cast of "The Walking Dead," playing a character known as Heath, when new episodes of the hit AMC series returns to a TV screen near you this Fall.

In the comics, Heath debuted in issue # 69. For context, issue #142 will be released on June 10th. In brief, Heath is the supply runner guy for the Safe-Zone, which is still on the road to Alexandria, while they’re in the Washington, D.C. area. He’s someone the posse meets along the way, with his best friend and fellow supply runner, Scott, who has been injured. He is also said to be one of the most competent Alexandrians from the comic series, for whatever that’s worth, and apparently, Heath is still alive in the current timeline of the comics (the producers of the TV series haven’t exactly been sticking closely to the story-line in the comics, so anything is possible).

Of course, we know that Lennie James as Morgan, has returned, and in full form it appears, featuring far more prominently next season, as he and Rick maybe go head-to-head, as the above image, and below trailer, almost literally suggest.

The upcoming season will premiere with a 90-minute episode on Sunday, October 11 at 9/8c,