The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) is investigating a video that shows five fare inspection officers pinning a black teenager to the ground. 

According to the Toronto Star, an unidentified black teenager was attempting to exit a streetcar when he was grabbed by a fare inspection officer.

Bethany McBride, who witnessed the incident, says “I didn’t hear anyone ask him for proof of payment before grabbing him."

Upon being grabbed, he was pinned to the ground for nearly 20 minutes before being taken to a squad car.

“I didn’t do anything,” the distressed teen is heard saying in the video. “You’re hurting me! You’re hurting me.”

McBride described the boy as "banged up, terrified and humiliated.” According to the Toronto City News, the police were called to assist, finding upon their arrival that a large crowd had gathered around the inspectors and the boy.

Despite the calling for the involvement of law enforcement, no charges against the boy were made. That leaves the question of what did he do in the first place that resulted in him needing to be pinned by five officers?

An answer has yet to be provided. 

“The TTC is concerned about the events leading up to this altercation and is taking the incident seriously,” said Stuart Green, a spokesperson for the TTC. “We are currently conducting an internal investigation, including reviewing video to determine exactly what happened and why, and we will take appropriate action where necessary.”