For those of you who watch the show and have been following my posts regarding Nicole Beharie‘s character on The Good Wife, it seems like I totally missed a new development in the plot. I first noticed when I didn’t see Nicole Beharie listed on the imdb for the upcoming CBS episode.

Monica Raymund (Lie To Me, Blue Bloods), another Juilliard grad, reportedly landed a recurring role at the beginning of September as a new prosecutor in the State’s Attorney office and a possible love interest for Cary (played by Matt Czuchry). Beharie, who has been in the last two episodes in the role of Imani Stonehouse, came in as the new Assistant U.S. Attorney. She was supposedly brought in to form a connection with Cary, an emergency subplot since Kelli Giddish‘s character departure from the show.

While Beharie’s Imani may not be completely out of the picture, is interesting to note that she hasn’t been on any promotional material or on the CBS show’s website, while Monica Raymund has.

Anyways, I hope Nicole has a grander project on the horizon; that would be a plausible reason for her brief role on the show, IF that’s the case. I’m only speculating, since I don’t have further information at this point.

Just when I was getting so excited about her presence on the show. Darn it! 🙂