nullMedia reports are saying that Fox's animated sit-com The Cleveland Show is most likely soon to be no more.

The Sunday night prime time show is falling victim to low ratings and the fact, also being reported, that there is not enough time for the production staff of the show to make enough new episodes for next season. All this is spelling doom for Cleveland and his family.

Personally not that I really care. I must admit I was really looking forward to the show when it first premired mainly because I'm a huge fan of Family Guy created by Seth McFarlane (writer and director of the comedy Ted), and who also was one of the creators of the Cleveland Show. But the show just failed to deliver… Especially anything remotely funny.

The program seemed to be made up of Family Guy joke rejects, and wasn't helped either by the character of Cleveland, who was a constantly-whining (and whiny-voiced), annoying load, who was kind of hard to love, let alone just even like.

Anyone out there sorry to see it go?