*There are a few spoilers in this, but nothing major.*

If Samuel Thomas Wilson aka the Falcon aka the Black Captain America, dies he’s a legend. But in this 5th issue of Captain America: Sam Wilson and the upcoming Captain America: Civil War, he seems to be alive and kicking. Introduced to the world in Captain America #117 on Sept. 10, 1969, he’s considered the first mainstream African American superhero – the OG of OGs. From the home of The Diplomats, it’s extremely apropos that Wilson’s first power as the Falcon was a telepathic link with birds, allowing him to see through their eyes and, in some cases, control them.

Photo: Marvel Comics

In today’s comic book universe, Sam is on the payroll as Captain America and the leader of the All-New, All Different Avengers. The gig came with perks like Cap’s shield and a fly new colorway for his gear, gifted from the homie Black Panther.

Photo: Marvel.com

In the newest issue #5, we will be introduced to the new Falcon, a teenage Latino boy named Joaquin Torres. Based on the preview pages I’ve seen, and the previous issues, this one is gonna be lit. Go pick up your copy this Wednesday the 13th.

Photo: Marvel Comics
Photo: Marvel Comics
Photo: Marvel Comics
Photo: Marvel Comics
Photo: Marvel Comics

Captain America: Sam Wilson #5 was written by Nick Spencer, drawn by Paul Renaud and colored by Romulo Fajardo. Daniel Acuna did the cover art.  

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