Remember the Donald Glover For Spiderman campaign that inspired all kinds of fanboy outrage in late 2010?

Glover reportedly encouraged fans to demand that he be considered for the part, which lots and lots of them did – enough to make a splash. A “Donald Glover for Spider-ManFacebook fanpage was even created.

But it eventually turned out to have been a bit of mis-communication, as Glover eventually addressed the kerfuffle, stating that it really all started as a joke – a joke that got very serious – and he never meant to stir things up.

And I'm sure to the happiness of Spidey fanboys all over the world, Glover wasn't cast (d'uh) as Spider-Man after all. 

Fast-forward to today, and the below video courtesy of MTV in which Glover reveals that, actually, while he isn't going to be playing Spider-Man, he will feature in it somehow, although he isn't forthcoming with info on what exactly that means. He drops hints, saying specifically that there will be some items in Spider-Man's bedroom that are "reflective of his musical or television tastes."

What could that be? Maybe Spidey listens to Glover's rap alter-ego Childish Gambino? Or he's a fan of Community, the show Glover stars in?


Although maybe if a Miles Morales film gets some traction, maybe Glover will be the guy.

It's not a film I'm at all interested in seeing to be frank; I've had enough of Spidey for a few years. This reboot was a little too soon; so many other superhero stories to tell.

Anyway… watch below for the full story: