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It’s a wild time.

Schools are shut down. Small businesses are closing, or struggling at best. Restaurants are figuring out creative ways to survive with delivery. Hourly and gig workers are putting their lives at risk. Corporations have furloughed or laid off employees, or those employed may have a loss of income and/or hours. Freelancers and event planners are stuck. Yet rent, bills and living expenses still need to be paid. The impact on society, culture and the economy have not fully been determined yet. Until then, things are not OK, not fair, not right.

I’ve been self-quarantining for over two months because I’m that person who has an underlying condition, making me highly susceptible to COVID-19. So, my doctors told me to stay put, and I have. I know staying in is the best for me, but I sure do miss going outside and being around people.   

But you know what I’ve come to realize? It’s OK to not be OK. In fact, the CDC has reminded us that everyone reacts differently to stressful situations.

Let me offer you some tips on how to be OK with not being OK: