Sean "Diddy" Combs' clothing line, Sean Jean, turns 20 this year. The 20th anniversary celebration includes a special launch, featuring the Jean-Michel Basquiat capsule collection, Vibe reports. Sean Jean linked up with the highly-acclaimed artist's estate for the collection.

“We wanted to pay homage to Basquiat’s creative genius with this capsule collection,” Sean John president, Jeff Tweedy said in an official press release. “Basquiat’s influence on culture transcended race and class to highlight more pressing issues on society that are still relevant today. Using his art as a medium to fight racism, combat cultural appropriation or rebelling against power structures — Basquiat always challenged the standard. We felt that it was vital to tell his story and educate our consumers on this talented artist.”

The collection shines a spotlight on some of Basquiat's most famous works such as "Pez Dispenser"; "Melting Point of Ice" and "Dog" will feature on clothing items, ranging from denim to t-shirts. 

“It was his story and steady climb in the art world that really intrigued our team when we were mapping out this collaboration,” said Diddy on Basquiat's journey from underground artist to international sensation.“ Basquiat used his art as a vessel to delve further into his definition of being a black man in America. Creative drew inspiration from the culmination of Basquiat’s work by mixing his profound messaging with his daring aesthetic.”

Tweedy added the collection also hopes to drive home one of Baquiat's key messages, which the artist expressed using the tag SAMO, is still relevant today.

“You know what that stands for? Same ol’ sh*t,” Tweedy told WWD. “He was making a statement of the time and it’s still relevant to where we’re at today.”

The Sean John x Basquiat collection is now available at Macy's

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