J. Cole shared a letter former NFL player Colin Kaepernick wrote to express his interest in being a backup quarterback for the New York Jets.

On Tuesday, the Grammy-winning rapper wanted to publicly support and showcase his friend’s drive and efforts to play the sport he loves on a professional level again. To do this, the “All My Life” artist posted a copy of a recent letter the athlete sent to the Jets organization on Sept. 21. Cole explained in the caption of the post that he got the ex-quarterback permission to publish the note for the public to see.

“I asked Colin @kaepernick7 if I could share this letter with the world. He was reluctant,” the 38-year-old revealed. “My argument was that I believe the people and all organizations should know the truth about how hard he works and how much he still wants to play. And always has. In the end, he agreed to let me.”

He continued, “I wish the @nyjets organization luck. My boy @bas is a big ass fan so I saw the heartbreak of every Jets fan when Arod went down @richeisen Everyone from players, to coaches, to execs are feeling the pressure I’m sure. I hope y’all can turn it around, and I hope there’s a spot out there for my boy Kap. PEACE.”

The letter was sent to the executive team following Aaron Rodgers’ Achilles tendon injury that he sustained after being sacked during a game on Sept. 11. Unfortunately, the quarterback will be out for the remainder of the season. Kaepernick’s letter began by addressing the devastating blow to the Jets franchise.


“I hope this letter finds you in great spirits, despite the less-than-ideal start to a big season,” the Super Bowl champ wrote. “I’m wishing you, your staff, and the players a great game this weekend as you look to bounce back.”

“I’m writing, of course, in response to the unfortunate loss of Aaron Rodgers. I know the aspirations this season were, and still are, to win a championship, and so that Hall of Fame sized hole will need to be filled as best as possible to keep the team on a Super Bowl track,” he added.

He explained that he is in no way aiming for the QB1 position that Zach Wilson now holds, but more so an opportunity to “lead the practice squad with the sole mission of getting your [the Jets] defense ready each week.”

The 35-year-old then listed two reasons why adding him to their roster would benefit the team while simultaneously putting his current skill level on display.

“It gives your Defense the advantage of getting a truer read on the more mobile/athletic/versatile quarterbacks it will face when in weeks 4, 5, and 6 (Mahomes, Wilson and Hurts). I would consider it a privilege to be able to do this and would take on this responsibility with the dedication and passion as if it were the QB1 position,” he listed as his first reason.

Next, Kaepernick said it “would also allow you guys as an organization to take a real look at where I’m at football wise, in game-like situations against an elite defense, while also not putting any competitive pressure on Zach. I understand the importance of keeping him confident and focused as QB1, and I would only look to boost that confidence in any interaction that we may have if I was given this role within the team.”

Kaepernick ended the letter by sharing that his workout routine has “remained the same for 6 years” as he has “never retired or stopped training.” He also included a list of references that will “vouch for my character, work ethic and ability.”

The former 49er played his last NFL game on Jan. 1, 2017, and has been training and trying out for teams since in hopes of eventually a permanent role as a quarterback again. Sports fans will have to wait and see if this letter will be the start of a second chance. Read the full letter below.


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