Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant has caught a break for now, as far as the authorities go. The Glendale Police Department delivered some news to Morant on Wednesday, saying he will not face any charges after he posted a video of himself waving what appears to be a gun in a club.

Police said they confirmed that the incident happened in Glendale, Colorado, but they were “not able to determine that probable cause existed for the filing of any charges.”

According to the press release, police didn’t “receive any calls for service at the nightclub regarding a weapon of any type.” Officials also said “no disturbance were reported and no citizens or patrons of the club came forward to make a complaint.”

Additionally, investigators determined that no one was threatened and “no firearm was located.”

“Although the video was concerning enough to prompt an investigation, there was not enough available evidence to charge anyone with a crime,” police said.


Police added that they didn’t get any testimony from witnesses and that “a video alone is not enough to bring charges.”

As Blavity previously reported, Morant was suspended for at least two games after he went to social media to show off what appeared to be a gun he carried in a club on Saturday night. It’s not clear if the NBA will hand down any further punishments.

ESPN reports that now, Morant will be out at least four games, making March 17 the earliest he could return to the court.